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 Posted: Jun 24 2016, 01:24 AM

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Combat is fairly straightforward.

Say your character and another character have beef. You can have them duke it out in one-on-one combat. The initiator of the fight gets the first attack.

This starts the first turn (one turn is one post from each person participating in the fight) which can, of course, be used to attack. However, each attack costs AP. A basic attack costs one AP each, and can be dodged for the same amount of AP. Techniques, however, vary in AP cost, and the amount of AP it takes to dodge depends on how hard the technique is to dodge (more on that on the techniques page.)

Dodging is a bit trickier. You spend AP to start a dodge roll, which is 1-15. If you land 10-15, you win the roll an dodge the attack. Anything under 10 is a hit.

At the end of each post in a fight, you need to post your stats and current health, as well as the names of the skills used, if you used any.
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