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Posted by: BrobyDDark Jul 8 2016, 11:57 PM
It was a day in Pondey town. Nothing particularly ordinary or out of the ordinary, as if obscurity had wiped away anything that could be considered normal about this town while also taking away anything that could be described as interesting. Truly, it had been some time something actually happened in town and this both bored and pissed off a certain delinquent. O'Daniel Gangritch, age 17, was average- for a delinquent. Despite living in Pondey all his life, he was rude, brash, and always itching to punch at least one person's lights out. His grades were average- they could be better if he got along with his teachers. His attitude was unchecked- likely caused by years of being ignored by his aloof and estranged father. And his outfit was certainly something.

Gangritch had spent the day with nothing to do. He had already eaten lunch at Bravo's, had a nice chat with Bartha about his tailor-made vests, and the rec center wouldn't let him play chess with the elderly after what he did to some poor old veteran. Yes, truly he had nothing to do. Until. Until he spotted a strange man in town. It wasn't unusual for towns to get visitors and tourists every now and then, unless that town was Pondey, way out of the way of everything, with nothing interesting to offer strange people. But there he was, sneaking about with a camera and a shady hat, completely covering his face. Other than that, the man wore a grey top and some regular blue jeans. His attire suggested run-of-the-mill weirdo, but his bulking muscles, almost bursting out of his shirt, suggested otherwise. Whoever he was, he was likely to make today a lot more interesting for Pondey...

Posted by: Tuxedo Thunder Jul 9 2016, 05:03 PM
Martin was leaning up against a wall outside his favorite suspicious alleyway. He had spotted a strange fellow coming down the street, and saw the perfect opportunity to get some good laughs. There was a man coming down the sidewalk, and he looked aweful strange. Massive muscles, but a hat covering his face. This was his chance.

Looking up at the sky, he waited up until the strange man passed in front of him. Taking what appeared to be an absent minded step forward, his eyes looking the opposite way down the street, he ran right into the mysterious man he had seen with as much force as he could muster.

"Oh! Oh my God, I'm so sorry sir, I don't know what happened! I was just leaning up against the wall here when I figured I might go get something for lunch." He tried his hardest to hide a grin, but bashing into this guy, trying to get him to drop anything he might've been carrying, it was almost too much to handle.

Posted by: Darrek Jul 9 2016, 07:20 PM
Darrek was currently sitting in Bravo's, enjoying himself a burger. He looked up from his plate to see people making their way towards the windows, some trying to act cool and nonchalant, perhaps taking a seat on a stool or leaning against a wall while others were blatantly leaning against tables to stare. Throughout the restaurant, he could hear the hushed whispers of, "Who's that?", "Anyone seen him before?" and several others saying things similar.

Someone new was in town? Now this was something he had to see. He stood from his booth and made his way towards the door. Once outside, he leaned against a nearby soda machine and, with the flick of his wrist, hit the side of it, causing a bottle to fall down. He reached inside and pulled out a Pepsi. Popping the lid, he watched as someone practically slammed into the bulky visitor. He silently hoped he wouldn't have to intervene as he took a swig from the bottle.

Posted by: BrobyDDark Jul 10 2016, 04:53 PM
QUOTE (Tuxedo Thunder @ Jul 9 2016, 10:03 PM)
Martin was leaning up against a wall outside his favorite suspicious alleyway. He had spotted a strange fellow coming down the street, and saw the perfect opportunity to get some good laughs. There was a man coming down the sidewalk, and he looked aweful strange. Massive muscles, but a hat covering his face. This was his chance.

Looking up at the sky, he waited up until the strange man passed in front of him. Taking what appeared to be an absent minded step forward, his eyes looking the opposite way down the street, he ran right into the mysterious man he had seen with as much force as he could muster.

"Oh! Oh my God, I'm so sorry sir, I don't know what happened! I was just leaning up against the wall here when I figured I might go get something for lunch." He tried his hardest to hide a grin, but bashing into this guy, trying to get him to drop anything he might've been carrying, it was almost too much to handle.

The man was hard, almost like a brick wall, and he didn't move an inch from where Martin had bumped into him. Almost immediately after the fact, the man pushed Martin out of his way and continued walking. His route was most certainly towards the center of town, lamely called "The Center of Town." The man continued walking and pushing people out of the way up until he finally reached his destination. Not wasting any time, he climbed a small fountain and addressed the public. "BEHOLD! I AM MOOK, 545! AND I AM HERE FOR YOUR WARRIORS!" in one swift motion he ripped open his shirt and exposed his RIPPLING MUSCLES and a bomb strapped to his chest. "IF THEY DO NOT APPEAR BEFORE ME, I SHALL EXPLODE, TAKING THIS SMALL TOWN LANDMARK WITH ME! WATCH THE GLORY THAT IS MOOK!"

Gangritch was, of course, watching this with a look of utter disbelief. Who is this asshole, calling himself a "MOOK" and standing on the Great Fountain like it was something to be desecrated? Fuck this guy! Gangritch was the first to step forward, running right into the line of sight of MOOK 545 who pointed and posed dramatically. "YOU THERE! YOU STEP FORTH! YOU! YES! YOU! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Posted by: Tuxedo Thunder Jul 10 2016, 10:31 PM
As soon as the man pushed Martin out of the way, he was mad. Sure, he was being a dick, but, well, that was his thing! And this guy just blatantly disregarded his dick move.

'How am I supposed to be a dick in this environment. What is this guy doing, anyway...' Martin thought, as he began to follow the stranger. From the look of his path, he was heading to the Center of Town. But... why? Martin had to know, and, perhaps he could find a better way to mess with this guy in the square, maybe get some more people seeing it go down. Then, out of the blue, the guy jumped onto the fountain. Shouting for warriors to come and face him, Martin saw someone he recognized vaguely from around town step forward. Seeing this as a chance to do... well, something about this guy with a bomb strapped to his chest, Martin stepped forward, behind the other man, casually grabbing a chair from a small outdoor chess table near the fountain.

"So, is this like, gonna be two on one, or one on one? If it's one on one and you loose, do I have to fight this guy?" He says, motioning to the fellow he had stepped forward with.

Posted by: Darrek Jul 10 2016, 11:04 PM
Darrek watched and stifled laughter as the guy collided into him and, with no response, was pushed off with little thought. As the man passed, he stopped leaning against the wall and followed him to the center of town, drinking the rest of the bottle.

Then he ripped off his shirt, revealing a bomb, and started shouting. Fucking hell, that escalated quickly.

He walked forth and beside Martin, a few feet to his right. "I'm down for a three on one, if y'all are up for it." Darrek walked past him and Daniel, flinging the bottle towards the ground with great speed to get the mook's attention as he ran a hand through his hair, making sure it was still a pompadour. It shattered against the ground as he began speaking. "Take that fucking bomb off your chest and I'll gladly punch your teeth in."

Posted by: BrobyDDark Jul 10 2016, 11:17 PM
MOOK 545 laughed heartily and pointed towards the two newcomers. "MORE WARRIORS HAVE STOOD FORWARD FOR THIS BATTLE TO THE DEATH? I SHALL TAKE ALL OF YOU ON! AND SHOULD YOU FAIL...BOOM! MUHIHIHI!" Clearly, MOOK was crazy. Too crazy. He stepped down from the fountain and ripped his mask off, revealing an ugly mug full of metal, plastic, wires, and all sorts of other crazy shit. The only thing visible from his junk face were the long strands of hair that fell over his head, his practically red, vein-y eyes, and the deranged smile plastered on his big dumb face. He stepped forth and...

Gangritch looked behind him at the sons a bitches that came out to help. He had seen them around Pondey a lot but never really interacted with them, likely 'cause they hung around different turfs. "Three on one's fine, if you two think you can keep up. I gotta say, though. It's rare to see some other tough punks steppin' up when I get into a fight. Nice change a pace." Wasting no time, Gangritch rushed forward and...

LO! THE BATTLE BEGAN! It should be common knowledge how things work. You get two attacks per post, can dodge as many times as there are attacks. Use the [roll] tag, and put 1d20 in between the tags. Rolling is ONLY for dodging.

Posted by: Tuxedo Thunder Jul 11 2016, 11:59 AM
Martin looked at the other two fighters along side him. Even with these two, this guy looked like he'd give them a run for their money. And... That... That face. What WAS this man? Was he even human? Those muscles, that face... That laugh. It sent a shiver down Martin's spine. But this wasn't the time to stand around in some sort of bizarre amalgamation of fear and awe, it was time to stop this psycho from exploding.

Hell, Pondey may not have been his first home, maybe not his last, but it was his home now, and he wasn't going to let this man, no, this... Thing, ruin it with that bomb. If that meant beating him till he didn't get up, Martin was happy to oblige.

Without missing a beat, Martin rushed forward, past Gangritch. Taking a running leap, Martin came down with the chair on his opponent, before trying to stick the landing in the fountain.

Posted by: Darrek Jul 11 2016, 05:15 PM
"Holy shit", Darrek muttered as he took a few steps back from MOOK, who had taken off his mask to reveal a face full of metal, plastic, and various other things. "Your face looks as bat shit crazy as you are." He took a few steps to the side as Martin tried to smash MOOK with a chair. He then started rushing towards MOOK's side, attempting to send a heavy right hook into the beefy man's side. He hoped he'd be too preoccupied trying to deal with the chair to block or catch him.

Posted by: BrobyDDark Jul 14 2016, 02:11 PM
MOOK 545 was, indeed, too busy dealing with Martin and his seat of beating to dodge or block Darrek's mean right hook, taking -7 damage. Despite that considerable health loss, MOOK shrugs it off and cackles coldly. "MUHIHIHIHI!HOHO!" he tries to dodge out of the way of the chair

<span style="border:red solid 3px;" class="dice-roll"> Dice Roll: 1d20: 10 = 10</span>

and turns to Darrek, throwing his left fist at Darrek's face.

Meanwhile, Gangritch jumps up and attempts to kick MOOK 545 right in his dumb, junkyard face, but MOOK attempts to dodge

<span style="border:red solid 3px;" class="dice-roll"> Dice Roll: 1d20: 14 = 14</span>

Having managed to dodge both attacks, MOOK walks away from his turn with

Strength: 17

Speed: 13

Endurance: 13

Health: 32 (having taken 7 damage)

Posted by: Tuxedo Thunder Jul 14 2016, 10:09 PM
Landing in a fountain with a loud splash, Martin let out a light groan, more of annoyance than pain. Looking around the fountain quickly, Martin saw that his weaponized chair had been broken by his landing. Picking up two of the rather ornate chair legs, Martin splashed through the shallow water of the fountain, and threw one of the chair legs at MOOK, immediately beginning backing up.

"Hey, shitface!" Martin yelled, as he held up a middle finger to the crazy bastard, trying to get him to come at him.

If he could get his attention, get him in the fountain, even, it could give those other two guys a chance to wail on him while he was distracted. Sure, it could mean he got messed up, probably pretty bad, but he was confident he could avoid enough of this guy's attacks to come out of this still breathing.


Posted by: Darrek Jul 14 2016, 11:02 PM
"Haha, suck it", Darrek exclaimed as his fist smashed. He looked up to the hulking man and his grin quickly vanished as he started laughing. He tries to dodge the punch.

<span style="border:red solid 3px;" class="dice-roll"> Dice Roll: 1d20: 10 = 10</span>

"Oh shi-", Darrek said as he failed to dodge the punch and the fist connected with his face, knocking him over.

He stifled a groan as he hopped back up to his feet. He took off his leather jacket and let it drop to the ground. At this point, that other guy was yelling and throwing stuff at MOOK. He looked to the guy with triangle glasses, giving a quick nod. Hopefully he understood what he was trying to silently say.

He would wait until MOOK turned around before sprinting towards him, trying to ram into his back with full force and send him into the fountain.

Posted by: BrobyDDark Jul 15 2016, 12:27 AM

Posted by: BrobyDDark Jul 18 2016, 09:25 PM
Gangritch looked over at Darrek just in time to fully understand the plan. With a grin, he ran around the fountain while hooping and hollering to grab the giant's attention. Of course, MOOK 545 being of unsound mind and rippling body, had his attention easily caught by the two making hella noise, and throwing things at him.

But before he could say anything- or laugh, snarl, recite the first two verses of Nevermore, etc- Darrek had slammed, full force into his back. Needless to say, the pressure of an average sized man with Skro powers was enough to topple the rampaging mad giant into the fountain.

Posted by: Tuxedo Thunder Jul 19 2016, 12:13 AM
Seeing his chance, Martin sloshed through the fountain as fast as he could, closing in on the MOOK. All he could do was hope the psycho would stay down, as he

"Come on boys, let's wail on the bastard!" Martin yelled, immediately before coming down on his foe with the chair leg. He goes to hit him across the face, before reeling back and coming down on him with the leg, stabbing into his eye.

There was no real reason for the yelling. Maybe, it was for motivation. Maybe, he hoped yelling might cause a few more people to come around. Perhaps some more "Worthy Warriors", as the MOOK has said, might come forth and help finish off the MOOK. He saw how the one who tackled him was looking rather beat up from that heavy punch.

The sooner they could finish this up, the better.

Posted by: Darrek Jul 20 2016, 02:01 AM
"Hell yeah", Darrek yelled as the monster of a man toppled over into the fountain. He had expected that to go horribly, especially after the guy with triangle sunglasses misunderstood the message he was trying to convey, that being 'help me ram into this guy', but it all turned out well.

He was bouncing on the balls of his feet, his heart pounding within his chest as he grinned wildly. He looked upon the guy with short black hair just hammering away on MOOK. His grin fell as he remembered the reason they were beating the shit out of this guy.

Darrek leaped into the fountain and aimed to get on top of him. If he landed on his back or near it, he'd try to rip the bomb off. If successful, he'd toss it out of the fountain, stomp on MOOK's back while grumbling "Mother fucker", then jump out to let the other two wail on him some more.

Posted by: BrobyDDark Jul 21 2016, 07:56 PM
Gangritch jumped in as well, punching and stomping MOOK's poor, ugly face with the force of a thousand raging, angsty teenagers. Though, none of it seemed to phase mook- at least, not negatively. He cackled and smiled in what was probably pleasure, and the slight bulge in his pants would confirm. Grunting in disgust, Gangritch kicked one last time to push MOOK to the other side of the fountain, where the bloodied giant sat up, breathing heavily. "hihihihiOOOIHIHIHIHIHI. YOU'RE ALL SO GOOD AT THIS. I WASN'T EXPECTING SUCH MARVELOUS RESISTANCE FROM A WEAK LITTLE TOWN SUCH AS THIS. IT WAS A GOOD TEST, BUT I HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE, BOYS. KEKEKEKIHIHIHIHIHI!" MOOK reached for his chest, ready to blow him and the three fighters to hell. Grasping he finally pulled out the detonator and...clicked it. And clicked it again, never taking his eyes off the boys. He kept clicking and clicking, getting increasingly frustrated that he wasn't going to explode. That's when he realized what Darrek had in his hands. The bomb. The bomb that was ripped off MOOK's chest, having conveniently snapped the wire that connected the bomb and the detonator. "CURSE THAT INFERNAL, PRIMITIVE BOMB!" MOOK hissed one last time before falling unconscious. It's up to you what happens to him.

Posted by: Tuxedo Thunder Jul 23 2016, 12:15 AM
Martin looked at MOOK. Then to his hands, then over to the guy who threw the bomb, then over to the triangle glasses wearing buddy who helped distract him. Then down to his hands again, before looking back down to MOOK.

"I don't know about you guys, but I think if the three of us and this conveniently prominent fountain can take on... That hot mess," He points down to their defeated foe. "Then I think we can haul his ass over to the police and have them... 'Talk' to him." Martin spoke quickly, his gaze occasionally darting from one fighter to the other. All he could hope was that they weren't about to do anything rash, or... At least, more rash than accepting the challenge of a deranged man with a bomb on his chest in the Town Center.

And boy would a good talking to from the police certainly fuck this guy's day even more.

Posted by: Darrek Aug 7 2016, 06:13 PM
Darrek chuckled at MOOK's yelling, despite the pain he still felt in the side of his head. "For something so important, you didn't do a very good job at holding onto it", he muttered. With that monster out cold in the fountain, he looked towards the other two, who both stood well above him.

His attention then went to the one saying MOOK should be handed off to the police. "I've got no objections to that. " He went over to his jacket and put it back on, then turned his attention back to him. "I just hope they'll be able to keep him there. It'd be a pain if this tough bastard broke out."

Posted by: BrobyDDark Aug 11 2016, 10:29 PM
"I've got no problems with locking him up. Problem is his inhuman strength, like that dude said. Now, this MAY come as a shock to you, but I don't think this dude is exactly normal." Gangritch adds, lifting the hefty bastard out of the fountain and onto the sidewalk. Taking a seat on him, Gangritch looks at the other two with a bored expression. Clearly this didn't entertain him for long. Soon enough, a crowd started forming around the four, alongside many cries of 'Call the police' or 'Call an ambulance.' It was obvious this was going to disrupt the town for the rest of the day. "What a pain in the ass..."

Eventually, an ambulance came to pick up MOOK 545 and check up on Darrek, Martin and Gangritch, likely taking Darrek to the hospital for a concussion. Afterwards, the police came to take statements from witnesses, specifically Darrek, Martin, and Gangritch. Though, I'm not allowed by law to tell you what those statements were before they get released on the news. At the end of it all, MOOK was put into a smug little cell, with his hands tied behind his back. And there he sits, that sick, twisted grin permanently plastered to his face. When brought before a judge it's said that all they could get out of MOOK 545 was "Muhihihihihi!"

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