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Jul 8 2016, 10:16 PM
Name: Martin Fernando Rivera

Nickname: Marty

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 6 Ft. 8 In.

Weight: 180 lbs.

Appearance: Martin is rather tall, and lean, not showing a lot of bulky muscle. He bright, electric blue eyes and short black hair. He has tan skin, and likes to wear rather dressy clothes. It's hard to spot him not wearing a button down shirt and slacks, and his idea of dressing down might mean getting into a polo shirt and shorts.

Personality: Martin is a troublemaker, but no one would know by looking at him. He likes to keep himself looking innocent and ruins your day from the shadows. When he's not trying to ruin your day, Martin would probably be found at whatever hip and cool social spaces the kids go to nowadays, trying to pick up a girl for himself.

History: Martin was never good enough, no matter what he did. The second child, he always had his brother to beat. His parents loved his brother, and boy did he revel in it. Whenever he could, Rolando would kiss up to his parents, shifting the blame for a broken glass or fighting onto his poor brother. The picture of strength and intelligence, Rolando was certainly better than Martin, and he liked the flaunt it. Of course, Martin was jealous of his brother, but what he didn't know was that Rolando was intent on ruining his life, he was to be the only child, no matter the cost. At every point he could, he would lie, cheat and steal, and of course everyone would blame Martin. It was Martin's 13th birthday, when Rolando played his trump card. Grabbing Martin, he stole their parents car and drove off. Knocking Martin out with a swift punch, he managed to move his brother into the driver's seat, and dove out of the car before it sent Martin hurtling towards a tree, his foot slumped against the gas pedal...

It was a miracle that he survived. It was also Rolando's worse nightmare. But, he was lucky. His parents would have none of Martin's "lies" about how their perfect son stole the car and framed him for crashing it. They shunned Martin, disowning him. It wouldn't be till the next year when Martin was framed for attacking his brother, that they reached the final straw. Pressing charges, it came down to Martin's word against Rolando's, and of course Rolando managed to win over the judge and jury with his charisma and lies veiled false honesty and half truths. It got Martin stuck in Juvy. It was there that he began to go to the gym, not that there was a lot more he could be doing. He spent his time growing lean muscle, and after two years in Juvinial Detention, he was released back out to the world. Going home, he did the one thing he had been dreaming of for those two years. Opening the door to find Rolando, he instinctively grabbed a small table, and smashed it across his asshole brother's face. He shattered his nose, and casually stepped over his knocked out body. Going to his old bedroom, he picked up some things, and left home for good. He didn't even realize it right away, but something felt... different. Him, hitting his brother, after all this time locked up, had unlocked Skro. Perhaps now he might be better at something than his brother.

Skro Class: Fine Motor

Skro Stats:

Strength: 8

Speed: 10

Endurance: 7
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