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Jul 12 2016, 01:28 PM
It was somewhat late into the afternoon, the gym was still open, pretty old but still running. Few members go here, making it a nice and quiet place to train. Earl Smith, a legend, a ghost of the past came here and worked out. It was his hobby, his passion to work on his body and box but he hasn't been the same since his old days. He currently was punching a punching bag furiously, letting out his inner rage upon it. He couldn't release it on a person, not after what he's done long ago.
Jul 10 2016, 07:56 PM
Name: Earl Smith

Nickname: The Earl

Age: 33 Years old, born on October 5th.

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3

Weight: 196 Lbs

Appearance: Has the average muscle mass of any boxer.

Personality: Earl is rather generous for a man amongst his peers, he is someone who'll show pacifism to his foes and doesn't kill unless that's his final and last opinion. He shows kindness to most but has no problem asserting his authority over others and taking lead of situations, he is a open man and will accept as much help as he can. However sometimes he lets his inner rage slip.

Unlike his current self his past self was a lonely and raged filled soul, after his wife and son died of an accident long ago he refused to open his heart up to anyone else. He often let his rage out amongst his opponents in the ring but one day he had nearly killed one of his opponents during a boxing match which finally opened his eyes. He put the boxing gloves on the hook and left the life of boxing, becoming his current pacifist self.

History: Born on these streets, Earl Smith was a quiet individual at young, his father and mother were both alcoholics. He never payed attention in school and was made fun of for being dumb and for that never knew how to let out the pent up rage within him. One day, after coming across a gym he learned he had a burning passion for boxing. He trained day and night, because of this he became sleepless and fell ill. This was the first time in years his parents showed any sort of worry for him, realizing that his parents still love and care for him. With this information in mind, the rage inside faded and was replaced with happy thoughts. Later on when he was eligible for boxing tournaments and became "The Earl." He had never won a championship at this point, always coming in third or forth but he always had a smile of his face.

He had met his wife, Monica, later down the line, meeting her at a dinner. Ot was simply love at first sight and soon the two had a son with each other by the name of Michael and they lived a happy life for the next 6 years, however one day a drunk driver crashed into their car, taking the lives of both his wife and son. A rage built up once again after that day and a long hidden power finally awoken, Skro. Earl taking up drinking just like his parents and growing into a lonely soul and with that rage and the recently acquired "skro" it started to actually aided him to win second and even winning two major championships. The fame a glory didn't help, he only met people who loved him for his fame and just dug him into a deeper hole. His last championship lead him to stop boxing in major league tournament after nearly killing a man in the ring with his Skro abilities. He was merely 23 when he found these abilities and now at the age of 26 has he stopped fighting and participating in the sport he loves so much.

After putting the gloves on the hook he became a quiet man, teaching himself the ways of pacifism. He had taught a single student during this time but they had left him after finding his methods useless, due to him trying to teach the man that boxing isn't only about fighting but was still ignored. Earl lives a silent and peaceful life, working a small job and living alone. He continues to train himself, being that boxing is still a thing he's passionate about it.

Skro Class: Bangin'

Skro Stats:

Strength: 12

Speed: 5

Endurance: 8
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