Community Guidelines
Do not under any circumstances break these guidelines.

Our moderators and admins reserve the right to penalize you for any of the following reasons
• Excessive cursing
• Harshly insulting members of the staff or upstanding members of the community
• Personally insulting anyone
• Using personal information to hurt someone
• Trolling/making a joke of the community and its stories
• Attempting or threatening to DDOS the forums
• Attempting or threatening to hack the forums
• Spamming

As storytellers, and individuals, we also reserve the right to
• Shun you for not being serious enough
• Shun you for being too serious
• Critique your writing and playing
• Critique your person

Our moderators and admins do not reserve the right to
• Ban people without good reason
• Penalize people without good reason
• Abuse their power to change the forum in any way (except on April 1st, and even then only small things)
• Abuse their power to change users’ accounts
• Abuse their power to get what they want

As members of this community, we do not reserve the right to
• Post pornographic material of any kind (that includes Echii)
• Post gorey material of any kind (that includes graphic details in writing)
• Abuse the PMing system to insult and attack people
• Post in threads we were not invited to, unless under special circumstances

Special circumstances include
• If you have moderator or admin powers and there is something against the rules going on in that thread
• If that thread is about you
• If it is a public thread, where everybody is allowed to post

Penalties are as follows
• First time is a warning
• Second time is a 24 hour ban
• Third time is a two week ban
• Fourth time is a permanent ban

As players, and people, you should welcome your fellow man into your folds and talk to them. Socializing is key to roleplaying, and we are roleplayers.

Thank you for reading.

Pokemon Godai