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 O'Daniel Gangritch
 Posted: Jun 28 2016, 12:15 AM

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Name: O'Daniel Gangritch

Nickname: Gangritch

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 6 foot 9

Weight: 300 pounds

Appearance: Gangritch is a physically fit, tall, olive skinned man with brown, spiky ramp hair, brown eyes, and a shit-eating grin that could devour a god damn sun. He always wears black triangle shades, a light-brown cloth vest, jeans, and a pair of black boots.

Personality: A delinquent by nature, Gangritch is a rude, honor-less man who rarely follows rules, especially in battle. Though usually calm, Gangritch is not afraid to speak his mind, and often does it just to initiate battle. Despite this, he does think, though often more than he needs to, and is one to get into interesting games of "Xanatos speed chess" for fun. Gangritch does not pull punches in fights. It's all about winning, after all. He cheats, lies, steals and does as he pleases if it means winning.

History: Gangritch was a delinquent ever since his dad, the current Vaker of Apliscrocy, left when he was five. Ever since then, Gangritch has gone out of his way to be a person his father wouldn't approve of. So he cheats, steals, lies, kicks innocent and non-innocent ass- basically anyone in his way. Then there was the day he got a suspicious letter. The letter told him to meet someone down by the lake, which Gangritch willingly- but cautiously- did. Of course, the person who met with him just wanted to fight and, in the middle of that fight, Gangritch unlocked his Skro.

Skro Class: Bangin'

Skro Stats:

Strength: 10

Speed: 6

Endurance: 9
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