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 IMPORTANT: Regarding fighting and stats
 Posted: Jul 15 2016, 12:26 AM

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So early on and we already encounter a problem that, in hindsight, I should have seen and acknowledged earlier.

In the thread "Potential for Greatness", the villain NPC MOOK 545 is fighting Martin Fernando Rivera, O'Daniel Gangritch, and Darrek Chaisson. During his first attack at Darrek, he did 17 damage, which poor Darrek, having only 24 health, unfortunately took, knocking him down to only 7 health. Darrek's player, Nico, the co-admin and co-GM of In The Mix, brought this to me, which really showed me how fucked stats are right now.

The thread will not be closed while we fix it, and the mini-event with MOOK 545 will go on, with simpler combat. We will try and fix stats as soon as possible so you can enjoy this game more. In the mean time, have fun, post a bunch, and kick some ass.

Sidenote: Do not edit a post that you have rolled in. It breaks the roll part of the post and makes you look suspicious. Instead, make a second post right under it with the results of the attack you may or may not have dodged.

Side-sidenote: If you have any suggestions- any at all, leave them in the suggestion thread over here.
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