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Nov 8 2016, 08:26 PM
Every now and then, when you go up in levels, you gain a technique slot. Techniques are special fighting moves that can give you the edge, if used effectively. Only one can be used per turn. Every technique costs TP, so you may wish to save some instead of spending them all on stats. Your choice, though.

Name: Technique's name.
Description: What is involved in the technique.
Damage: The damage can be multiplied by 1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 and 2. Round to the nearest whole number. For 1 and 1.25, your move will cost less TP. For 1.75  and 2, it will cost more TP.
AP Dodge: You set how much AP someone has to spend to initiate a dodge.
AP Attack: You set how much AP you have to spend to start.

[b]AP Dodge:[/b]
[b]AP Attack:[/b]
Jul 5 2016, 12:34 AM
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Jun 28 2016, 01:16 AM
Name: Darrek Chaisson

Nickname: Darrek

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 6 foot 4

Weight: 220 pounds

Appearance: Darrek is very physically fit, though he has a smaller build. He's a somewhat pale Caucasian with black hair, combed to be a pompadour. He wears a white t-shirt, that he stuffs into his gray jeans, a black leather jacket and black shoes. When he wears sunglasses, they have large, circular, dark-tented lenses.

Personality: Darrek is a very lax kind of person. He's a positive person in general and doesn't particularly enjoy confrontation. Doesn't mean he dislikes fighting, just that he doesn't go out of his way to start serious ones. He may be lax, but he's no pushover. Take it too far and he won't think twice about smashing some heads.

History: Born to two loving parents, Darrek was a sickly child. He was in and out of hospitals, and could rarely go to school with the other kids. At the age of 13, he got a luck stretch of healthy months. After begging his parents' ears off, he was able to go start learning boxing, like he always watched on TV. After a few months, he got a match against someone. A few blows thrown back and forth, his Skro got unlocked, and with one last punch, he put his opponent into a concussion.

Years later, he hadn't gotten sick again, and he continued practicing boxing, despite not being able to go up against many other opponents.

Skro Class: Bangin'

Skro Stats:

Strength: 7

Speed: 10

Endurance: 8
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